Update Directory Listings

Update a Current Listing

Each unit has an email link at the bottom of their Directory listing to request an update. Anyone may submit a listing update.

Update requests are sent directly to the unit's Directory Approver. If the update is approved, changes are made to the unit's Directory listing in a Google doc and the Directory Approver alerts the Department Directory staff to make the update on the Department Directory site.

Once received by the Directory staff, updates are typically completed within 4 to 5 working days.

Request a New Listing

Units may request a new listing at any time. Before making a request, search the Directory site to make sure the unit is not already listed. Subunits are often listed as part of the parent unit listing. Duplicate listings are not allowed.

To make a request for a new listing, the department head should determine who on their staff will serve as the primary and secondary Directory Approvers. The primary Directory Approver is responsible for approving their unit's Directory content and submitting it to be updated on the Directory site. The secondary approver serves as back up to the primary approver. It's up to individual units to determine their own process for who collects information for updates and how frequently.

To initiate the request for a new listing, the Directory Approver must fill out the Directory Approver Form. Upon filling out the form, instructions for compiling and submitting a new listing are sent to the approvers.

Update Your Unit's Directory Approver

To update a Directory Approver for your unit, send the following information to tcdirect@umn.edu:

  • Name of your unit
  • Name and email address of the approver(s) to be removed
  • Name and email address of the approver(s) to be added

Directory Approver Resources

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