Limnological Research Center

Parent unit(s): N.H. Winchell School of Earth Sciences

Unit Contact Information

US mailing address: 500 Pillsbury Drive SE, 672 Civil Engineering Building, Minneapolis MN 55455  Map

Campus mail address: 108 PillsH, del code 0211

Phone number: (612) 626-7889


Limnological Research Center

LacCore: National Lacustrine Core Facility

Continental Scientific Drilling Coordination Office

Flyover Country

Employee Information

  • DirectorEmi Ito, 208B Pillsbury Hall, (612) 624-7881,

  • Continental Scientific Drilling Coordination Office (CSDCO)

  • National Lacustrine Core Facility (LacCore)

    • CuratorKristina Brady, 660 Civil Engineering Building, (612) 626-9322, brad0311@umn.ed

  • Lab Manager, LacCore and CSDCO Jessica Heck, 660 Civil Engineering Building, (612) 626-4532,

    • Executive Accounts Specialist, LacCore and CSDCOJane Franklin, 672 Civil Engineering Building, (612) 626-7889,

  • Director of Outreach, Diversity, and Education, LacCore and CSDCOAmy Myrbo, 219A Pillsbury Hall, (612) 624-3329,

  • Operations Manager, LacCore and CSDCORyan O’Grady, 660 Civil Engineering Building, (612) 301-8288,

Faculty and Instructors

Research Professor: Paul Glaser

Adjunct Professor: James Almendinger, Mark Edlund, Daniel Engstrom

Research Associate: Randy Calcote, Mark Shapley, Ivanka Stefanova, Blas Valero-Garces

Flyover Country Application: Amy Myrbo, Sijia Ai, Shane Loeffler

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