Division of Biostatistics

Parent unit(s): School of Public Health

Unit Contact Information

US mailing address: 420 Delaware Street SE, A460 Mayo Building, Minneapolis MN 55455  Map

Campus mail address: MMC 303 Mayo, del code 8303

Phone number: (612) 624-4655

Fax number: (612) 626-0660


Employee Information

  • Interim Head and ProfessorJoseph Koopmeiners, (612) 624-7486, koopm007@umn.edu

    • Division Administrator and Finance ManagerJanet Bendickson, (612) 626-9065, j-bend@umn.edu

  • Graduate Studies

    • Biostatistics - Master of Public Health, Master of Science, Doctoral (M.P.H., M.S., and Ph.D.)

    • Director and Associate ProfessorSaonli Basu, (612) 624-2135, saonli@umn.edu

      • Student Services Professional 2 SupervisorSally Olander, (612) 625-9185, brown198@umn.edu

    • Applied Biostatistics Certificate

  • Coordinating Centers for Biometric Research, 200 University Office Plaza, (612) 626-8887

    • Administrator and Finance ManagerJanet Bendickson, (612) 626-9065, j-bend@umn.edu

Faculty and Instructors

Professors: Haitao Chu, John Connett, Lynn Eberly, James Hodges, Chap Le, James Neaton, Wei Pan, Cavan Reilly

Professors Emeritus: Glenn Bartsch, Patricia Grambsch, William Thomas

Associate Professors: Saonli Basu, Weihua Guan, Joseph Koopmeiners, Xianghua Luo, Kyle Rudser, Baolin Wu

Assistant Professors: Ann Brearley, Mark Fiecas, Erika Helgeson, Eric Lock, Thomas Murray, Ashley Peterson, Sandra Safo, David Vock, Julian Wolfson, Lin Zhang

Research Associate Professor: Andrew Mugglin

Instructor: Laura Le

Lecturer: Marta Shore

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