Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering

Parent unit(s): College of Science and Engineering

Unit Contact Information

US mailing address: 111 Church Street, 1100 Mechanical Engineering, Minneapolis MN 55455  Map

Campus mail address: 1100 MechE, del code 0691A

Phone number: (612) 624-7622

Fax number: (612) 624-0944

Employee Information

  • Department HeadShuzhong Zhang, 130E Mechanical Engineering, (612) 624-8406,

    • Interim Department AdministratorKathrine Lindsay, 1100B Mechanical Engineering, (612) 625-9315,

    • Executive Assistant to the Department HeadKaron Mooney, 1100D Mechanical Engineering, (612) 626-2289,

  • Graduate Program

    • Director of Graduate StudiesWilliam Cooper , 130F Mechanical Engineering, (612) 624-4322,

    • Assistant Academic AdvisorJohn Gardner, 1120 Mechanical Engineering, (612) 625-2009,

  • Undergraduate Program

    • Director of Undergraduate StudiesLisa Miller, 130D Mechanical Engineering, (612) 625-7397,

      • Student Services ProfessionalKathrine Sharpe, 130 Mechanical Engineering, (612) 624-1582,

  • Faculty Support

    • Principal Office and Administrative SpecialisTeresa Nieszner, 1120 Mechanical Engineering, (612) 625-7638,

Faculty and Instructors

Distinguished McKnight University Professors: Saif Benjaafar

Professors: William Cooper, Shuzhong Zhang

Professors Emiriti: Sant Ram Arora, Tarald Kvålseth, Yechiel Shulman

Associate Professors: Kevin Leder

Assistant Professors: Sherwin DOroudi, Qie He, Guangwen Kong, Ankur Mani, Dan Mitchell, Diana Negoescu, Zizhou Wang

Assistant Teaching Proffesors: Lisa Miller, Darin England

Assistant Teaching Professors: Darin England

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