Department of Geography, Environment, and Society

Parent unit(s): College of Liberal Arts

Unit Contact Information

US mailing address: 267 19th Avenue S, 414 Social Science Building, Minneapolis MN 55455  Map

Campus mail address: 414 SocSci

Phone number: (612) 625-6080

Fax number: (612) 624-1044

Employee Information

Faculty and Instructors

Professors: Bruce Braun, Vinay Gidwani, George Henderson, Steve Manson, Robert McMaster, Abdi Samatar

Associate Professors: Kurt Kipfmueller, Kathy Klink, Arun Saldanha, Rod Squires, Scott St. George

Assistant Professors: Kate Derickson, Somayeh Dodge, Kathryn Grace, Dan Griffin, Eric Shook, Ying Song

Senior Cartographer: Mark Lindberg

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