Department of Animal Science

Department of Animal Science

Parent unit(s): College of Food, Agricultural and Natural Resource Sciences

Unit Contact Information

US mailing address: 305 Haecker Hall, 1364 Eckles Avenue, St. Paul MN 55108-6118  Map

Campus mail address: 305 HckrH, del code 6118

Phone number: (612) 624-2722

Fax number: (612) 625-5789



Employee Information

  • Administration

    • Department HeadMichael M. Schutz, (612) 624-1205,

      • Administrative DirectorBrooke W. Nesbitt, (612) 624-7453,

        • Executive Office and Administrative SpecialistTBA, (612) 624-4995

  • Finance Team, Division of Applied Economics and Food Animal Nutritional Science

    • Finance Manager and Grants ManagementKathleen A. Krum, (612) 624-3440,

    • Finance Professional IIMichelle T. Duong, (612) 624-9252,

      • Finance Professional IINorrie A. Zier, (612) 624-8541,

      • Executive Accounts SpecialistMichelle A. Gobely, (612) 624-1236,

      • Executive Accounts Specialist and PayrollSusan K. Merrin, (612) 624-4289,

      • Principal Accounts SpecialistLiz Frey, (612) 625-7024,

  • Animal Sciences Graduate Program

    • Director of Graduate StudiesMarshall D. Stern, (612) 624-9296,

      • Student Service Professional IIAllison C. Kierth, (612) 624-3491,

  • Animal Science Undergraduate Program

  • Meat Science Laboratory and Meat Processing and Sales, 1334 Eckles Avenue

  • Animal Science Livestock Arena, 1888 Carter Avenue, (612) 624-0723

  • Animal Facilities, St. Paul Campus

    • Beef Cattle Barn, 1920 Buford Place

    • Dairy Cattle Teaching and Research Facility, 1478 Fairview Avenue

    • Poultry Breeding House, 1825 Buford Place

    • Poultry Teaching and Research Facility, 1835 Buford Place

    • Sheep Research Facility, 1794 Dudley Avenue

    • Swine Research and Teaching Facility, 1850 Buford Place

    • Animal Units ManagerSaige Sulzberger, (612) 624-3062,

      • Assistant Dairy Herd ManagerAllie A. McGraw, (612) 624-3062,

        • Farm Animal AttendantGary R. Backes

        • Farm Animal AttendantFrederick L. Hrbek

        • Farm Animal AttendantChristopher A. Miller

        • Farm Animal AttendantNduka Omeoga

        • Farm Animal AttendantJon-Paul A. Salvador

        • Farm Animal AttendantScott J. Welch

  • Block and Bridle Club

  • Gopher Dairy Club

  • Gopher Poultry Science Club

  • Researchers and Laboratory Personnel

Faculty and Instructors

Professor: Samuel K. Baidoo, Hugh Chester-Jones, Brian A. Crooker, Yang Da, Alfredo DiCostanzo, Marcia I. Endres, Leslie B. Hansen, Marcia R. Hathaway, Lee J. Johnston, Krishona L. Martinson, Sally L. Noll, Scott M. O’Grady, Anthony J. Seykora, Gerald C. Shurson, Marshall D. Stern, Michael E. White

Associate Professor: Ryan B. Cox, Bradley J. Heins, Yuzhi Li, Laura J. Mauro

Assistant Professor: Christopher D. Faulk, Andres M. Gomez, Anup Kollanoor Johny, Kota Minegishi, Milena Saqui-Salces, Megan Webb

Research Assistant Professor: Pedro E. Urriola

Teaching Assistant Professor: Melissa L. Palmer, Mary L. Raeth, Beth A. Ventura

Lecturer: Kyle J. Rozeboom

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