Institute of Linguistics

Parent unit(s): College of Liberal Arts

Unit Contact Information

US mailing address: 75 East River Road, S205 Elliott Hall, Minneapolis MN 55455  Map

Campus mail address: S205 EltH, del code 3281B

Phone number: (612) 624-3331

Fax number: (612) 624-4579

Employee Information

  • Interim DirectorMichael Kac, S244 Elliott Hall, (612) 626-7073,

  • Graduate Studies

    • DirectorClaire Halpert, S315 Elliott Hall, (612) 626-5400,

      • Graduate Program CoordinatorSusan Williford, (612) 624-3331,

  • Undergraduate Studies

    • DirectorBrian Reese, S314 Elliott Hall, (612) 626-4507,

Faculty and Instructors

Professors: Jeanette Gundel, Hooi Ling Soh, Polly Szatrowski

Professor Emeritus: Gerald Sanders, Nancy Stenson

Associate Professor Emeritus: Bruce Downing

Assistant Professor: Claire Halpert

Contract Assistant Professors: Dustin Alfonso Chacón, Jean-Philippe Marcotte, Jason Overfelt, Brian Reese

Adjunct Assistant Professor: Anna Lubowicz

Other Affiliated Faculty: Timothy Face, Spanish and Portuguese, Charles Fletcher, Psychology, Michael Kac, Philosophy, Daniel Karvonen, German, Scandinavian, and Dutch, Betsy Kerr, French and Italian, Carol Anne Klee, Spanish and Portuguese, Michael Maratsos, Institute of Child Development, Benjamin Munson, Speech-Language Hearing Science, John Nichols, American Indian Studies, Maria Sera, Institute of Child Development

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